Important Info About Semester 2 Schedule Changes

Necessary Adjustments to Schedules for High School Students for the Spring Semester

Dear High School Students and Families,
Although we do not have and Add/Drop period for the spring semester, we recognize that there are some situations in which we may need to adjust high school students' schedules.  These are listed in PVPA's Add/Drop Procedures.  Please see below for instructions on making necessary adjustments:
  • Students without a plan to meet the state physical education requirement may request to be added to a spring semester dance class.  To do this, students should contact their counselor (Kate or Andrew) as soon as possible.
  • Students with new TAships should ask the class teacher to email their counselor by January 13 to confirm.
  • Students doing an Independent Study should submit completed Independent Study contracts to their counselor by January 13.  This includes an Independent Study Contract form, signed by the student, parent or guardian, and teacher, as well as a course description.
  • Students taking an Offsite Course (college course or VHS) should submit a completed Offsite Course Contract to their counselor by January 13.
  • Students who do not have a Homework Support or Reading Room and wish to add one should contact their counselor by January 13.
  • Students accepted into spring semester auditioned classes will be automatically enrolled in those classes.  If enrollment in the auditioned class creates other scheduling conflicts, the counselors will contact students.
  • Counselors will review schedules and will contact students who are missing blocks or who have other schedule problems.  Counselors will also contact students who need schedule changes based on recommendations from the IEP or 504 Team Meeting process or other Administrator recommendations.
  • After all other schedule changes are complete, counselors will review the waitlists for spring semester classes, and will contact students if space is available in those classes.  Waitlists were created during Add/Drop in September.  We will not add new students to waitlists.

Priority for necessary schedule changes is described in PVPA's Add/Drop Procedures (linked above).  We will be making these necessary schedule adjustments between January 13 and January 26, and will confirm changes to schedules as they occur.  

Thank you,

Kate and Andrew