Frequently Asked Questions (Technology)

Wireless Internet Access

  • Can I bring my own device to school?
    Yes.  You can have your own laptop/tablet/handheld at school.  There is public wireless internet access throughout the building.  When you enable wireless networking you should see a network SSID: pvpa-wifi.  This is what you want to connect to.  You should not need any special proxy settings.


  • I can't access ____________!  Why not?
    By law, PVPA must have internet filtering on our broadband connection.  These filters will block sites with content that is flagged as 'inappropriate' for school.  If you believe a site should be accessible at school, please contact Thom Vreeland to have the site reviewed.


Printing from personal devices

  • Can I print from my laptop/tablet/handheld?
    Yes, you can print from your own device.  You'll need to have the file that you want to print saved as a "PDF" or "DOCX" file.  Open a web browser and enter the following address:  http://print:9191.  Log into Papercut using your PVPA network account (don't include in the username.)  Click on 'Web Print' and follow the instructions to select a printer and upload your file.  (Staff can get direct access to the printers.  You'll need to bring your device to Thom to get configured for wireless printing.)


  • How do I print from Google Docs?
    If you select the 'Print' icon from Google Docs, it will give you the option to save the file as a PDF.  Instead of clicking 'Print' you could also choose "Download As..." and select to download it as a PDF that way.  Once you've downloaded the file, follow the directions in the previous question to print via Papercut.


Google Docs and Google Accounts

  • What happens to my account when I leave PVPA?
    If you are a staff member, your account is put into a disabled state when you leave PVPA.  It is never deleted.  This is so we have access to documents and emails, in the event that we need to access them (by court order, for example.)

    If you are a student, your account will be disabled on or around August 15 of the year in which you leave PVPA.  A year after it has been disabled, it will be deleted.


  • Can I keep my documents/emails/sites after I leave?
    Yes, there are a number of different ways that you can keep your content after you leave PVPA.  Please see Exporting Google Content for instructions on the various ways to keep your files after you have left PVPA.