About the Friends of PVPA

The Friends of PVPA is an independent, nonprofit volunteer organization created to support and advance the mission and programs of the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School. We achieve these goals through fundraising activities, public outreach, and by mobilizing resources from the PVPA community of family and alumni.

The Friends of PVPA was founded in 2004 and has served as the primary fundraising organization for PVPA to support the annual budget needs for all of PVPA's programs and special projects. Friends of PVPA is directed by a volunteer board that oversees and supports the activities of PVPA’s Development Office.

In December 2005, with the generous contributions from hundreds of loyal PVPA supporters and bond financing arranged by MassDevelopment, the Friends were able to complete the purchase of PVPA’s campus and facilities in South Hadley.

In June 2014, ten years since the move to our South Hadley campus, the Friends of PVPA were issued $4.26 million tax-exempt bond through MassDevelopment. This allowed us to refinance the existing bond and utilize the proceeds of $1.8 million to build a 7,000 square foot multipurpose performance and assembly space. This new addition will accommodate 400 seats and will serve our entire community as a meeting, gathering, and performance venue.

Charter schools are funded by tuition charges assessed against the school districts where the students reside.As a charter public school PVPA receives less than other public schools throughout the state. Money raised by The Friends of PVPA directly fund the school’s most pressing needs, furthering the mission to provide each of our students with the stellar academic and performing arts education that PVPA has come to represent.


The money raised by Friends of PVPA can fund:

  • Faculty Salaries
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Facilities Upgrades & Improvement
  • Library Resources
  • Art and Academic Programs
  • Technology
  • Special Events