Password Changes

As of this year, your email and network password are going to be linked.  To facilitate this, there is a webpage that you should go to in order to reset your password.  Please read the following instructions and then click the link at the bottom of the page to reset your password.  This page is referring to your old NETWORK/COMPUTER password, not your email password.  If you don't know or can't remember your old password, you'll need to visit Thom in the computer lab to get it reset.


Step #1

Go to the password reset change page.  You'll probably get a warning message that the connection is not secure.  The image at the right is what you'll see on Firefox.  Other browsers may look slightly different.

Step #2

Click the 'Advanced' button.  You should see some details like the lower portion of the image at the right...

Step #3

On Firefox: Click the 'Add Exception...' button.  A window should appear that looks something like the one to the right.  Note the highlighted portion at the bottom.  You want to confirm the security exception and ensure that this is  permanently stored.

On Chrome:  Click the link that says 'Proceed to site (unsafe)'

Step #4

You should now get the 'Change Account Password' form.  Enter your username without the part.  Enter your current password.  Enter and confirm your new password and then click the 'Change Password' button.  You should get a confirmation that your password was changed.

Important Note:  A password can only be changed once every 24 hours.  If you try to change your password again, you will be told that your password doesn't conform to current password requirements.  If you MUST change your password again within 24 hours, you'll need to visit Thom in the lab so he can reset the timer for you.

Now that you have reviewed the directions, please go to the following web page to change your password:

Change Password Link: